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When was the last time you were professionally photographed?

You deserve to exist in photographs, celebrating your true beauty as you are right now.

Too many times, I’ve heard women tell me they don’t look good in pictures. I want you to feel beautiful, and have the photographic evidence that you are! There is no such thing as being un-photogenic; it’s all about lighting, posing, and confidence. My job is to take care of this for you, enhancing your best features, and this is my passion!

Mothers, especially, need to be photographed. You aren’t merely loved by your children; you are critical. You may not always feel it, but you are appreciated for teaching life lessons, encouraging, enforcing, building character, providing support, and creating happy, healthy adults out of your children to the very best of your ability. Make sure that when they look through all the photos you’ve taken over the years that you are not missing from them! Treat yourself to a few hours of pampering with hairstyling and makeup and a reason to dress up; relive the fun every time you view your images. Your children will thank you. Your grandchildren will thank you.

beautiful womanWomen's portraits are my specialtyCreating glamorous photographs of everyday women.

Pre- Teens

Do you remember being a "tween"? I was a freckled carrot top, desperately in need of braces. Babies are new; little kids are cute. But once they hit age ten? They aren't really children any more, but not quite teens... and being in-be"tween" can be hard. Let's give your girl a record of who she is, right now, before she changes again. Let's show her she's beautiful, and capture her personality. Let's give her a boost of self-confidencee, and at the same time, create a reminder for you about what she was like at this stage. 

preteen middle school girlCelebrate your pre-teen girl!Capture her personality at this changing time in her life.


Seeing your teenage daughter mature into a young woman is joyful, yet bittersweet. No longer a little girl, she's bloomed right before your eyes. Celebrate who she was, who she is, and who she is becoming at this special time in her life. Before you know it, she'll be grown up and going places, stepping out into the world.

Special Teen Events: I would love to photograph her Bat Mitzah, Quinceañara, or Sweet 16.

teen senior girlHigh school senior sessionFrom casual to formal, in studio or on location, let's capture her true beauty.


This is her last year of high school, and likely her final year at home. Soon to be out on her own, this is a time to celebrate! Her yearbook photo will show what she looks like; her Senior photography session shows who she is. I am not a yearbook photographer. Instead, I look forward to capturing all that makes up "her"! From her favorite outfits to showcasing her special interests, we'll plan her dream portrait session together, and make sure we have photographs that make you both happy!